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Bankruptcy can be a harsh reality to face. But when continuing to struggle under crushing debt is no longer an option, declaring bankruptcy may be the most responsible step to take for yourself and your family. At Burrow & Associates, LLC, we’ve been helping Georgians get relief through bankruptcy for more than 20 years. Our clients have suffered financial hardship due to national economic trends over which they have no control, as well as a serious injury or illness, long-term unemployment, or divorce. Clients who come to us find:

  • Honest, reliable advice — We pride ourselves on being a faith-based, morally upstanding law firm that operates solely in our clients’ best interests. If you are not a candidate for bankruptcy, we’ll direct you toward more appropriate debt relief options. If bankruptcy is your best option, we’ll provide reliable guidance through every step of the process to ensure you get every benefit of the law.
  • Determined advocacy — The point of bankruptcy is to discharge as much debt as possible so the debtor can get a fresh start. Our experienced attorneys have a thorough knowledge of the law and are committed to seeing our clients get the full relief they’re entitled to.
  • Compassionate client service — As a faith-based firm, we appreciate the compassionate aspects of bankruptcy law. It is a healing process that allows those crippled by debt to get up and walk again. We strive to make our practice reflect those values by providing highly personalized service. Our attorneys work closely with you to address your specific legal needs and remain accessible to you throughout the bankruptcy process.

Although our main office is in Athens, we have several local offices in Duluth, Conyers, and Morrow, which enables us to file in whatever state district your case requires.

Determined bankruptcy lawyers offer comprehensive debt relief solutions

At Burrow & Associates, we understand that bankruptcy can be a daunting process; we work to simplify the preparation and filing for you and help you make the best choices for your circumstances. You can rely on our attorneys for comprehensive assistance related to:

  • Chapter 7 bankruptcy — If you are a consumer with a great deal of unsecured debt, Chapter 7 bankruptcy might be most appropriate. Chapter 7 is a liquidation process in which a bankruptcy trustee sells most of your assets to partially repay your creditors and then discharges your remaining eligible debt. However, you must pass the federal means test based on income to qualify.
  • Chapter 13 bankruptcy — If you make too much money to qualify for Chapter 7 or have a home you want to keep, Chapter 13 might be the best path to take. Our attorneys help you draft a repayment plan the court will approve, so you can partially repay your debts for the plan period, after which the court discharges your remaining eligible debt.
  • Fighting debt collections — Bankruptcy protects you from many aggressive debt collection tactics, such as wage garnishment and repossession. If a debt collector has violated your rights by using abusive collection tactics against you, you might even be able to collect damages.
  • Foreclosure defense — Bankruptcy can protect you from foreclosure, allow you to strip away second or third mortgages, and enable you to make sufficient payments to hold onto your home.

If you have struggled for too long under mounting debt, it’s time to get the relief the law permits. Let our knowledgeable and experienced bankruptcy attorneys explain how.

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For more information on how you can improve your financial future, call Burrow & Associates, LLC at 706-395-8389 or contact our Athens office online. We provide free initial consultations with experienced and knowledgeable attorneys who take the time to address all your concerns. We also have offices in Duluth, Conyers, and Morrow.